Shopping for a new phone? We recommend picking from this regularly updated list of phones because only these run the latest version of Android. This means that even if you get just one OS update in the future, your phone will run for a few years before seeming outdated.
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Phones with Android 10 - 150 devices

* Some of these might still be in public beta
** List is sorted alphabetically
Model CPU RAM # of upgrades

ROG Phone llQualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL)Qualcomm SDM636 4GB 2
ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL) (WW) / 5Z (ZS621KL) (IN)Qualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) (WW) / 6Z (ZS630KL) (IN)Qualcomm SM8150 6GB 1
ZenFone Max Pro M1 (ZB602KL) (WW) / Max Pro M1 (ZB601KL) (IN)Qualcomm SDM636 6GB 2
ZenFone Max Pro M2 (ZB631KL) (WW) / Max Pro M2 (ZB630KL) (IN)Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
Essential Products
PH-1Qualcomm MSM8998 4GB 3

PixelQualcomm MSM8996 4GB 4
Pixel 2Qualcomm MSM8998 4GB 3
Pixel 2 XLQualcomm MSM8998 4GB 3
Pixel 3Qualcomm SDM845 4GB 1
Pixel 3 XLQualcomm SDM845 4GB 1
Pixel 3aQualcomm SDM670 4GB 1
Pixel 3a XLQualcomm SDM670 4GB 1
Pixel 4Qualcomm SDM855 5GB -
Pixel 4 XLQualcomm SDM855 5GB -
Pixel XLQualcomm MSM8996 4GB 4

HONOR 10iHiSilicon KIRIN710F 4GB 1
HONOR View20HiSilicon KIRIN980 6GB 1
HUAWEI P smart 2019HiSilicon KIRIN710 3GB 1
HUAWEI P30HiSilicon KIRIN980 6GB 1
HUAWEI P30 liteHiSilicon KIRIN710 4GB 1
HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019HiSilicon KIRIN710F 4GB 1
HUAWEI nova 5THiSilicon KIRIN980 8GB 1
Honor 10HiSilicon KIRIN970 4GB, 6GB 2
Honor 8xHiSilicon KIRIN710 4GB 2
Honor Magic 2HiSilicon KIRIN980 8GB 1
Honor V10HiSilicon KIRIN970 6GB 3
Huawei Mate 20 XHiSilicon KIRIN980 6GB 1
Mate 10HiSilicon KIRIN970 4GB, 6GB 3
Mate 10 ProHiSilicon KIRIN970 6GB 3
Mate 20HiSilicon KIRIN980 4GB 1
Mate 20 ProHiSilicon KIRIN980 6GB 1
Mate 20 liteHiSilicon KIRIN710 4GB 2
P20HiSilicon KIRIN970 4GB, 6GB 2
P20 ProHiSilicon KIRIN970 6GB 2
P30 ProHiSilicon KIRIN980 8GB 1
honor 10 LiteHiSilicon KIRIN710 3GB 1
nova 4HiSilicon KIRIN970 6GB, 8GB 1
华为畅享 9SHiSilicon KIRIN710F 4GB 1
荣耀 8XHiSilicon KIRIN710F 4GB 2
Infinix NOTE 5Mediatek MT6763 3GB 2
Infinix NOTE 5 StylusMediatek MT6763 4GB 2
S6Mediatek MT6765 3GB -
X3Qualcomm SDM660 3GB 3
LG G7 OneQualcomm MSM8998 4GB 2
LG G8 ThinQ™Qualcomm SM8150 5GB 1
LG V50 ThinQQualcomm SM8150 5GB 1
V50 ThinQQualcomm SM8150 5GB 1
Z6Qualcomm SM8150 8GB 1
Motorola oneQualcomm MSM8953 4GB 2
moto g(7) plusQualcomm SDM636 4GB 1
moto z4Qualcomm SM6150 4GB 1
motorola one actionSamsung Exynos 9609 4GB 1
motorola one hyperQualcomm SDM675 4GB -
motorola one powerQualcomm SDM636 4GB 2
motorola one visionSamsung Exynos 9609 4GB 1
Nokia 3.2Qualcomm SDM429 3GB 1
Nokia 6.1Qualcomm SDM630 3GB 3
Nokia 6.1 PlusQualcomm SDM636 4GB 2
Nokia 7 plusQualcomm SDM660 4GB 3
Nokia 7.1Qualcomm SDM636 4GB 2
Nokia 8.1Qualcomm SDM710 4GB 1
Nokia 9Qualcomm SDM845 6GB 1
OnePlus 6Qualcomm SDM845 6GB, 8GB 2
OnePlus 7Qualcomm SM8150 5GB 1
OnePlus 7 ProQualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
OnePlus 7 Pro 5GQualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
OnePlus 7TQualcomm SM8150P 7GB -
OnePlus 7T ProQualcomm SM8150P 7GB -
OnePlus 7T Pro 5GQualcomm SM8150P 12GB -
OnePlus6TQualcomm SDM845 8GB 1
F11Mediatek MT6771T 4GB, 6GB 1
F11 ProMediatek MT6771 6GB 1
R17Qualcomm SDM670 8GB 2
RenoQualcomm SDM710 6GB, 8GB 1
Reno 10x ZoomQualcomm SM8150 6GB, 8GB 1
Reno 10倍变焦版Qualcomm SM8150 6GB 1
Reno AceQualcomm SM8150 7GB, 8GB 1
Reno 标准版Qualcomm SDM710 6GB 1
realme XQualcomm SDM710 4GB 1
realme 3ProQualcomm SDM710 4GB 1
realme 5proQualcomm SDM712 4GB 1
realme XTQualcomm SDM712 6GB 1
Mi 9T ProQualcomm SDM855 6GB 1
Redmi K20Qualcomm SM7150 6GB 1
Redmi K20 ProQualcomm SDM855 6GB 1
Redmi K30Qualcomm SM7150 8GB -
Redmi K30 5GQualcomm SM7250 7GB -
Galaxy A01Qualcomm SDM439 2GB -
Galaxy A30Samsung Exynos 7904 3GB, 4GB 1
Galaxy A40sSamsung Exynos 7904 6GB 1
Galaxy A50sSamsung Exynos 9611 4GB 1
Galaxy A51Samsung Exynos 9611 6GB -
Galaxy A71Qualcomm SM7150 6GB -
Galaxy A90 5GQualcomm SM8150 5GB 1
Galaxy M20Samsung Exynos 7904 3GB, 4GB 2
Galaxy M30Samsung Exynos 7904 4GB 2
Galaxy Note10Samsung Exynos 9825 7GB 1
Galaxy Note10 5GSamsung Exynos 9825 11GB 1
Galaxy Note10 LiteSamsung Exynos 9810 6GB -
Galaxy Note10+Qualcomm SM8150 11GB 1
Galaxy Note10+ 5GQualcomm SM8150 11GB 1
Galaxy Note9Qualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
Galaxy S10Qualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
Galaxy S10 5GSamsung Exynos 9820 7GB 1
Galaxy S10 LiteQualcomm SM8150 7GB -
Galaxy S10+Qualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games EditionQualcomm SM8150 7GB 1
Galaxy S10eSamsung Exynos 9820 5GB 1
Galaxy S9Qualcomm SDM845 3GB, 4GB 2
Galaxy S9+Qualcomm SDM845 5GB, 6GB 2
Galaxy XCover ProSamsung Exynos 9611 4GB -
AQUOS R3 SH-04LQualcomm SM8150 6GB 1
AQUOS R3 SHV44Qualcomm SM8150 6GB 1
AQUOS zero2 906SHQualcomm SM8150 8GB -
AQUOS zero2 SH-01MQualcomm SM8150 8GB -
AQUOS zero2 SHV47Qualcomm SM8150 8GB -
S7Qualcomm SDM630 3GB 2
Xperia 1Qualcomm SM8150 5GB 1
Xperia 5Qualcomm SM8150 5GB 1
Xperia XZ2Qualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
Xperia XZ2 CompactQualcomm SDM845 4GB 2
Xperia XZ2 PremiumQualcomm SDM845 4GB, 6GB 2
Xperia XZ3Qualcomm SDM845 4GB 1
TCL PLEXQualcomm SM6150 6GB 1
TCT (Alcatel)
Alcatel 1BQualcomm QM215 2GB -
Alcatel 1SMediatek MT6762d 3GB -
Alcatel 1VMediatek MT6762d 2GB -
TCL A2XMediatek MT6761D 3GB -
SPARK 3 ProMediatek MT6761 2GB 1
V1824AQualcomm SDM855 7GB, 8GB 1
V1914AQualcomm SDM845 6GB 1
V1916AQualcomm SM8150P 7GB, 11GB 1
V1922AQualcomm SM8150P 7GB, 8GB 1
V1936AQualcomm SDM855 5GB 1

View4Mediatek MT6762d 3GB -
MI 8 Explorer EditionQualcomm SDM845 8GB 2
MI 8Qualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
MI 8 SEQualcomm SDM710 6GB 2
MI 8 UDQualcomm SDM845 6GB, 8GB 2
MI 9Qualcomm SDM855 6GB 1
MI 9 SEQualcomm SDM712 6GB 1
MIX 2SQualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
MIX 3Qualcomm SDM845 6GB, 8GB 1
Mi A2Qualcomm SDM660 4GB 2
Mi A3Qualcomm SM6125 4GB 1
POCO F1Qualcomm SDM845 6GB 2
ZTE Axon 10 ProQualcomm SDM855 7GB, 11GB 1
ⓘ Data updated each quarter. Last update on Jan 26, 2020

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